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   Gregory ventilated hardwood shelving products was established as an alternative to wire closet shelving.  The product is available in 12 foot lengths and comes in either 12 inch or 16 inch widths.  The front and back rails, as well as slats and dowels are made of solid wood products.  Standard paint finishes include natural, pickle white, brown tint, and mahogany tint.   All finishes consist of multiple coats of furniture grade clear lacquer added prior to shipment. 

   Solid hardwood 8 foot shelves are also available in each of the same tints and come in 12 inch, 16 inch and 20 inch widths.   Both solid shelves and ventilated shelves can be installed in various configurations.

   Gregory Wood Products offer a limited lifetime replacement warranty.  This warranty covers its wood shelving and hardware against manufacture defects.  All shelving and hardware must be installed in accordance with supplied instructions.  Gregory will replace any defective part upon receipt.  It does not include normal wear and tear on the product.

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